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We provide opportunities to perform in live concerts and song recording


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Gladys Chan



The greatest singing touches audience's mind, heart and soul.

The Leading Voice – a complete vocal training program to develop a true singer.



Welcome to the Leading Voice® - a unique vocal training program to develop a true singer! A lot of people believe a good singer possesses a good voice, or a good voice will make a good singer. This is simply not right. What is charming in singing, is not the beautiful sound, which only appeals to the sense of hearing. Instead, what really captivates an audience is how it touches them, gives them the colour and taste that they could not resist. The meaning, the context, the feelings and emotions are what making it appealing. The ability of a singer to paint the colours through interpretation and expression is the key.  A beautiful voice without this power is just a pretty body without soul - is boring.

The Leading Voice
® believes singing techniques are only the basics. When it comes to singing, it should not be just showing off the “singing techniques”. The painting of the colour and adding taste to the songs requires a higher level technique than just singing – tones, accent, pronunciation and a resonating mind. It requires a singer to be an actor in the song.

Through The Leading Voice
®, you will be able to explore the new dimensions in singing. You will be able to enjoy the greatest pleasure in singing.