Gladys Chan

The Most Versatile Singer


Some comments from the audience:


She is the most talented singer I ever met! I rank her 6 stars. (Australia)


Amazing vocal range. I still can't believe it. (US)


I never heard of a singer who can perform this good and could not stop myself from listening all songs that this singer sings. Very professional. (Canada)


I have no doubt Gladys Chan is the most competent singer I have ever known, the quality of the sound track on this clip was somewhat limited by the live recording. The best sound tracks are located in her web site. Trust me, once you have listened to her songs, you will be hooked. Yes, that is that good. (Australia)


I hope you can be our country singer, we admire you! (Mexico)

Perfect!! How you can do both voice so easy ? It's great! (Canada)


My goodness! She is more than a talent.... truly a rare find who has made me feel much less pessimistic about the future of Cantonese Opera!  (Hong Kong)


Amazing! One of the few singers that can really match the original. (US)


I live in the UK, I was searching for some Cantonese Opera Songs and accidentally I found the footage, she is fantastic, the best I have ever seen. (UK)


Well done! She is an excellent singer. Very enjoyable. Thank you very much. Keep posting her songs in, please. (UK)


I don't know what to say, I am 60 years old, still feel the impact from this lady, totally blow me away, she may be the one can bring back the glory of the Cantonese opera music which get lost in the last twenty or thirty years. Buy the CD and show our support to a genius, don't let her get lost in Canada. (Australia)


Absolutely perfect, I close my eyes when listening and I can hear two perfect voices. Would she hold concert in Hong Kong later on? (Hong Kong)


A talented singer. Will definitely support you if you are performing in Singapore...Keep on singing (Singapore)


I watch this video so many times these few days, itís really great. (Canada)


Hope you can convey our appreciation to Gladys and also let her know what an excellent singer she is! Keep up the good work, Gladys and " THANK YOU " (UK)


Amazing singing talent...! You have made a fan out of me... and I would definitely go to your concert.... and buy your CDs... You deserve respect and recognition...!


Our group here enjoy watching Gladysís performance (from You Tube) but we have a debate that whether she is from Guangzhou instead of HK as she seems to have been through very formal Cantonese Opera training which is very rare in HK nowadays, anyway, Gladys is fantastic. (UK)


Awesome!!! And she's doing it with such unbelievable ease!!! (Singapore)


Cool....just perfect!!! Well done!!!! (US)


I think she somewhat has spent sometime to research how the way Yam's style is, some of Yam's students spend all her lives try to imitate, even under Yam's instruction, still not as naturally similar as Gladys, I can see she know how to open her jaw bone widely and hold it for some tunes. And not "most ladies has this kind of NATURAL tunes when sing the male part". She is very talented and good, by the way she is in HK or oversea? (US)


I wish I can see you personally & hear you sing. Itís so beautiful (Singapore)


Excellent voice. (or should I say voices!? ) Very enjoyable. Thank you for the video and song.  (UK)


Enjoy listening you singing doesnít matter what kind of song. (Australia)


Bravo! Gladysís voice and art of singing maintained at a very high standard! Listening to her song will inject energy and enthusiasm to our life. Gladys, keep on. (Hong Kong)


What this singer does is remarkable. The kind of talent and versatility it takes to sing each part so convincingly and beautifully is not easily found, to say the least. (US)





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