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The Most Versatile Singer

Besides a professional singer, Gladys is also a popular vocal teacher who is always surrounded by students. Her instruction is effective and interesting. Students learn techniques through the enjoyment of singing under Gladys’ coaching. On average, students start to see improvements in a month. For information on her courses and demos, please visit

Gladys possesses special talents in discerning subtle differences in sound. This makes her a gifted voice coach. Students benefit from her sensitivity in voices and touches so that they can improve their singing techniques to the finest.  She developed a program called The Leading Voice® for those who are passionate about singing. Its objective is to develop a true singer who touches the mind, heart and soul of the audience by singing with colours and taste.

Singing is performing arts.  A good singer should not only convey the beauty in singing, but should also be able to touch the deeper level of the audience’s feelings.  The ability to project to the audience the characters in the songs requires more than the singing skills.  It requires a complete mastery of the vocals for every touch and articulation.

The following techniques will be covered in the Leading Voice® vocal courses.
· Vocalization
· Resonance
· Breathing
· Projection
· Vocal Range
· Tone and Accent
· Styles
The Leading Voice® recognizes the uniqueness of the vocal instrument of each student, and adjusts the approach accordingly. On average, students start to see improvement in a month.




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