The Leading Voice®  —  Sing with Colour and Taste!


We provide opportunities to perform in live concerts and song recording


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Gladys Chan



The greatest singing touches audience's mind, heart and soul.

The Leading Voice – a complete vocal training program to develop a true singer.



To achieve a new breakthrough and enjoys the new dimensions in singing, you will need a teacher who not only knows the singing theories, but also knows how to strengthen your voice, and empowers you with the ability to touch the hearts of the audience.  The Leading Voice® is designed to those who are passionate about singing.  Its objective is to develop a true singer who touches the mind, heart and soul of the audience by singing with colour and taste.


The following techniques will be covered in the Leading Voice® vocal courses.


·        Support

·        Resonance

·        Breathing

·        Projection

·        Vocal Range

·        Tone and Accent

·        Styles


The Leading Voice® recognizes the uniqueness of the vocal instrument of each student, and adjusts the approach accordingly.  On average, students start to see improvement in a month.